Concerts at the Kaleidoscope Gathering 2014

At each Kaleidoscope Gathering there are a few amplified concerts that take place on the Raven Stage to entertain and uplift Festers.  It is still early in the Fest organizing season, but we already have two concerts booked!  (As more concerts are booked Auz will be updating this page.)

Consider checking out the artists’ websites and purchase their music by following the links, both to support their musical endeavours, and so that you can sing along when they play this summer!

Caveman Techno with David Finkle, Andy Mason, Simon Handley and Friends (Wednesday, July 30, 2014)

David Finkle (AKA: ‘Fink’) is a known felon. His crime? Spreading nasty-funk across the land. Why, the three words to best describe him go as follows (and I quote): “Fink…Fank…Funk!” As a true-blue traditional native hunter, trapper, fisher and collector of medicines living off the land, Fink helps to bring about the primitive caveman aspect of Caveman Techno. A traditional drum and flute maker, Fink brings about a uniquely organic blend with sweeping ethereal flute melodies and poly-rhythmic bass hypnosis.

David "Fink" Finkle

David “Fink” Finkle

Andy Mason (AKA: ‘Andy-Tramp’) is a legend in Indian country. He is the quintessential “Genuine Indian Guru” and he is here to “Show you a BETTER way.” Able to decipher the specific key of a mouse-fart atop a mountain over 75 miles away … his perfect ear and spot-on rhythmic abilities help to provide the mortar between the bricks that are Fink and Funky-Munky to insure an awe-inspiring musicality (now currently approved by the FDA).

Andy "Andy-Tramp" Mason

Andy “Andy-Tramp” Mason

Simon Handley (AKA:  ‘Funky Munky’) helps to bring about the futuristic and state-of-the-art aspect of Caveman Techo. Utilizing wildly entertaining concoctions of his own design, Funky Munky runs the gamut from mothership moon landings to nether-worldly sine wave communications from distant alien beings. All the while providing a solidness that makes it near impossible not to shake yer’ ever-loving booty to. This High Priest of the religious sect of Soundism will be sure to absolve you from your non-rhythmic sins. 

Simon "Funky Munky" Handley

Simon “Funky Munky” Handley

Fiddlehead Soup (Thursday, July 31, 2014)

This Eastern Ontario trio transports listeners to Scandinavia, southern Europe, South America and beyond with a wonderful collection of folk songs sprinkled with a garnish of Scottish and Irish tunes and original music. Featuring veteran musician Douglas Hendry on cittern and 12-string guitar, and mother-and-daughter team Glenna Hunter and Ursa Meyer on fiddles (and other instruments that come to hand), this delightfully earthy trio provides a most pleasing potage of international folk.

Doug Hendry

Doug Hendry

Glenna Hunter

Glenna Hunter

Ursa Meyer

Ursa Meyer





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