Jade Pichette



Jade Pichette is a Heathen living in Toronto, Ontario, but was born and raised in Ottawa. She has been Heathen for over five years after having first met the local Heathen community at Midgard Festival.  Before that she was raised a Witch by her mother and until finding the Heathen community she practiced a mixture of hedgewitchery, kitchen witchery and Goddess worship.  She is considers herself a tribalist Heathen and sees herself as closer to the Vanir in particular Freyr, Freyja and Nerthus.  Since that first Midgard however, Jade has become active in the local Heathen and Pagan communities acting as Lorekeeper of Rúnatýr Kindred from 2009-2012, acting as an on again off again Raven’s Knoll volunteer and often giving workshops or helping with ceremonies at Midgard, Kaleidoscope Gathering and Hail and Horn Gathering.  Her hobbies including mead brewing, drumming, and storytelling.

Jade left Rúnatýr Kindred in 2012 to pursue higher education at Ryerson University in Toronto where she is completing her Master of Social Work.  She is currently focusing on her thesis Passing Through Divinity: An Anti-Oppressive Ethnography of Trans Women and Religion.  Yet, she has far from left the Heathen community and has started to hold symbels and blots at her home in Toronto and continues to act as the herald of the Procession of Nerthus every Midgard Festival.  At the last Hail and Horn Gathering she acted as the oath taker for all those who entered the and, this year again she will help our Gyðia Brynja in taking the oaths of all who enters and Heralding for our the Queen of Asgard, Frigg.

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  1. yay storytelling.. and your thesis sounds most interesting.. whoot!!

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