Martin Heitshu


Martin Heitshu discovered Heathenry quite by accident in 2008 while researching Germany’s Externstein.  Although he acknowledges that there are no accidents, he is quite content to live with the apparent contradiction. A founding member of the bilingual Monteregion Clan des Neuf Montagnes/Nine Mountains Kindred he is an avid cyclist and hiker.

Martin’s long interest in genealogy has led him to discover his deep paternal roots on this continent stretching back many generations to when his Palatine ancestor stepped off the good ship Mortonhouse in Philadelphia in 1728.  His maternal roots and birthplace in North Rhine-Westphalia combined with his paternal Palatine roots contributed to the conviction that Germanic Heathenry was the spiritual path best suited for him.

Martin is honoured to represent his kindred and the greater Heathen community as Thyle for the second year running.

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