Brynn Hultquist

Mother Brynn with Gingers

As a busy health advocate* and mother of five, it’s a wonder where she finds the time to delve into the spirituality of her Heathen practice. Coming into the public community five years ago, Brynn has enveloped the nature and spirit of community, serving to live the wisdom and virtues of the Old Gods and her ancestors.  A core aspect of her practice is to choose a virtue to study at the turning of each new year and she strives to incorporate the lore in child-friendly ways.

She has had the opportunity to serve as gythia for several blots, most recently including the raising of the Odin god-pole in the inaugural year of Hail and Horn, and a baby naming ceremony within the community.  Brynn also undertakes the role of gythia at the Procession of Nerthus, held each May during Midgard Festival, and has done so for each of its four years running.  When she’s not buried nose-deep in her Chartered Herbalism program, you can find Brynn and her family at any festival under their family banner, “Yggurd Kynslóð.”

* Check out Brynn’s awesome blog “Lupus Interrupted.”

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