Tracy Thillmann


Tracy joined the greater pagan community about 8 years ago.  After running through the Ottawa Pagan Schola program as a student and trying to find her path she discovered her place in Thornhaven Grove, an Ár nDraíocht Féin (ADF) group with a mix of Celtic and Norse ‘hearth cultures,’ as the lorekeeper, and one of the ritual leaders of the grove.   Having followed a Scottish Celtic path for many years she has recently felt the urge to explore the Heathen path, and her Germanic family roots.  In keeping with desire to get back to more of the older traditions she has taken to learning loom weaving, and looks forward to adding drop spindle to her list of hobbies, which include knitting, cross-stitching, playing the bagpipes and playing a mean game of pool.

As a water baby she is often found in the water splashing about in the hot days of summer.  She has helped out at Kaleidoscope Gathering and other festivals by leading workshops with her hubby, and is always up for helping newbies find their way around.  She looks forward to helping out with this year’s Hail and Horn Gathering as the as Warden of the Feast, coordinating the food for the husel feast.

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