Marc “Herne” Duguay


Marc “Herne” Duguay is, for the most part, a self-taught carver and pyrography artist, working mostly in wood and antler.  He realized he was Heathen about 11 years ago after reading an article online, which made him realize he was already in tune with that way of life.  Marc was raised close to nature: fishing, hunting, trapping, camping and bushcraft were the staple of his daily life as a growing young man.  Having been raised in a small village, Marc’s summers were spent cycling towards far off lakes and forests to be surrounded by nature, equipped with a small backpack and a basic survival kit.

Marc’s love of nature and wilderness in general followed him through his life and is now be reflected in his crafts.  Marc is the artisan that will be crafting the Frigg god-pole which will be raised at Hail and Horn Gathering 2013 in the Raven’s Knoll Vé.  If you would like to see examples of his work, please visit his website “Herne’s Craftes.”

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