Melissa Holly Wright


Melissa has been a practicing Pagan for the past 14 years, and is a recent newcomer to the Ottawa Pagan community having moved from Kingston to Ottawa in 2005.  She is a Kitchen Witch and avid gardener with an interest in Celtic mythology and Tarot cards.  She also loves cooking and blending her own teas as well as reading the leaves.  Having grown up largely in the country, she prefers to be outside, and loves to hike and camp as much as possible.  Connecting with the spirits of nature is an important part of her practice, and as an Earth element, helps keep her grounded and focused.  She also made the choice to adopt a code of non-violence, meaning that to as much of her ability, she will not cause harm to other beings.  A solitary Pagan for many years, she loves having found the community and enjoys volunteering and attending festivals such as Kaleidoscope Gathering.  She is a Yagermeister at Kaleidoscope Gathering and an active member of the Fey camp since 2010.

A self-professed “Geek” Melissa loves science fiction and horror, and has often experimented at writing short stories, as well as movie and television scripts.  With a passionate interest in both religion and anthropology, she recently completed her undergraduate degree in Religious Studies and hopes to go into historical research.  A future dream of hers includes owning her own occult supply store, to aid and provide supplies to the local and extended community.

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