Erik Lacharity

Erik Lacharity

Erik Lacharity is co-organizer of the Hail and Horn Gathering.  He has been an avid Heathen since 2006 and has been involved in the local and greater Heathen scene for nearly as long.  Erik is a member of Rúnatýr Kindred, a free-assembly of local Heathens; and once served as Lawspeaker.  He has been published in Óðrœrir Heathen Journal for his papers on Frankish Heathenry and Frankish Tree Cults.  Passionate about reconstructing ancient Heathen worldview, he has been at times affectionately (or un-affectionately) called a ‘Lore-Monger’, as many years of research have led him to his current understanding of Heathenry in which he is always happy to lend guidance to newer folk.

He is also equally passionate about the local folklore and history of the Ottawa Valley, at times sharing spooky tales of ghosts, witches and loups-garous to a tantalized and frightened audience.  This often times takes place at a bardic/skaldic competition or quite honestly as soon as someone shows up and cares to listen to a weird tale.  Much of this interest has led him to research cunning-arts of his grandparent’s generation, such as charming illnesses, telling tides by a pig’s melt or splitting a storm by axe … nothing is too strange or unbelievable to be investigated.

Erik will be leading the symbel at the 2013 Hail and Horn Gathering as well as sharing in all things Heathenry with fellow attendees.

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