Kevin McLaughlin


Kevin resided at the Raven’s Knoll for a while in 2011 and has since been a regular volunteer.  He is still exploring Paganism with Druidry, Asatru, and Heathenism holding a particular interest for him, as they echo his ancestral heritage of Celtic on father’s side of the family and Germanic (Prussian) on his mother’s side.

Kevin (a.k.a. Lugh Sulian) can be seen coming and going from the Knoll on work weekends and events.  By day he helps to provide Internet access to the far reaches of the Bonnechere Valley for Bonnechere Community Internet (BCI); but, by night (and slow times at BCI) he can be found working hard at the Knoll.  His magic powers include making sick mechanical things work and invoking the Unicorn, if required.

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