Angela Grey

Angela Grey was introduced to Paganism by a family friend, a Druidic homesteader and horse whisperer who owned the ranch down the road from her parents’ house. She spent most of her early teens hanging out at the farm, learning an eclectic mix of gardening, herbalism, card reading, weather-telling, canning, farm medicine, baking, candle magic and, of course, horse training. Although she eventually branched out on her own, her personal practice has always been firmly rooted in a profound love of, and respect for, the natural world. She now considers herself an avid student of Hearth, Green, and Hedge Witchcraft.

Having grown up in a small town, Angela was a confirmed solitary for many years, but in 2009 she took the plunge and decided to see what the Ottawa Pagan community had to offer. The answer, it turned out, was “quite a bit”. She now spends most of her summer weekends out at the Knoll, tending the land and relaxing around the campfire with like-minded friends. She is also one of the organizers of the Witches Sabbat, and a proud member of the Dwarf maintenance and Green Fairy recycling crews at Kaleidoscope Gathering. While she generally avoids the spotlight at festivals, preferring to work quietly in the background, she can often be found engaged in animated conversation with fellow practitioners about the idiosyncrasies of nature spirits, and the finer points of butchering moose. Although she’s never strayed far from her Pagan roots, Angela enjoys seeing the diversity the community has to offer, and makes a point of attending as wide a variety of rituals and events as possible.

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