Drew Thomson


One of the newest members to the volunteer crew at the Knoll, Drew is an active member of the Kingston Pagan community.  For the past few years, he has assisted as a volunteer with fund raising and working to help put on Kingston Pagan Pride.

His natural curiosity has led him down a winding path of various interests and acquisition of knowledge; ranging from the stories and insights of Aboriginal spiritualty, to Spirit Guides, to a fondness for rocks and gem stones, to his great respect for nature and animals (particularly Ravens).  He has not settled as of yet on a formal dedicated Path, but is content to learn and wander for a while yet.

Drew has a big heart and always wants to help others out.  This tendency has led him to train in Nursing and Medical Administration to assist other in living better lives.  However, for the last few years Drew has had some health issues which have forced him to step back and look at alternative ways of living.  It is this quest which brought him to Ravens Knoll, and to Fests like the Kaleidoscope Gathering and KornuKopia Gathering.  He has found this life turn to be one of the best choices he has ever made.

He now considers Ravens Knoll a second home and is eager to give something back to the Pagan community that has assisted him so much these last few years.  Drew can be found at many a Raven’s Knoll work weekend.  He is also a new member of the Kaleidoscope Gathering staff, working as a Yag-ermeister.

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2 Responses to Drew Thomson

  1. greycatsidhe says:

    It’s really nice to learn about some of my Pagan neighbors right across the border! I recently formed an ADF protogrove in Watertown, NY and hope to make it up to some of the wonderful events Raven’s Knoll hosts!

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