Midgard Gathering 2013

Hail to Kith and Kin! This is the 10th anniversary of the Midgard Gathering.

This Pagan gathering started off as a way for friends to meet and test out their camping gear after a long winter without any festivals and has turned into a gathering of its own that has been going strong for a decade! Organized by Jean-Marc “Pagan Owl” Ladouceur and friends, the event has a predominant Norse theme, but always includes a number of Pagan paths that we see in our community.

Midgard Group Picture 2011

The program at the gathering includes workshops put on by community attendees, which will include poi spinning and archery, as well as other topics. A highlight of the gathering is the main ritual which is the Procession of Nerthus. In this ceremony the Goddess is honoured in a traditional Heathen fashion by being paraded to and from the Sacred Well, in due ceremony, with offerings. There is a community pot-luck feast on Sunday where the gathering’s organizers provide a large roast beast, and community members contribute to a vegan stone soup, as well as bring things to share. People always look forward to hanging out around the bonfire. On Saturday there are Victoria Day fireworks and the Bardic Circle where the best, story, song, or performance is honoured with a plaque.

Procession of Nerthus 2012

Each year the event takes place the May 24th long weekend. This year the event will run from May 17 to 20, 2013 and Raven’s Knoll is pleased to be hosting the event again. To learn more or pre-register please visit the Facebook event.

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