Gypsy Birch

Gypsy Birch

A relative newcomer to the Pagan community, Gypsy Birch found his way to Raven’s Knoll in the spring of 2011.  After taking part in a work weekend, as well as the Beltaine ritual and the Maypole dance, Gypsy knew that he had found a place where he would be spending a lot of his time. While at work weekends, Gypsy tends to focus on providing grunt labour like managing the forest, but at larger events he often takes a more specific role, including being a member of the Flying Monkeys security staff at the Kaleidoscope Gathering.  He is also a staff member at the Witches Sabbat.

Gypsy is a seeker and is still rambling on his own spiritual path.  He is strongly interested in the Romani people and culture. Gypsy makes no claim to be a legitimate Roma, nor does he follow any specific Roma practices, instead spending his time researching the culture from an academic standpoint.  Gypsy is a learner and is very open-minded about a diversity of Pagan practices and philosophies.  He loves to experience a variety of spiritual events, both at the Knoll and in Ottawa.

In the past few years, Gypsy has begun to hone his talents as a Bard.  He has won the Bardic competition at the Midgard Festival, was honourned with an arm ring for his skaldry at the Hail and Horn Gathering, and has performed at a LARP event in Ottawa.  He has been asked to lead a number of multiple Bardic events.

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