Dave “Crazee Dave” Allin

Crazee Dave with Skidsteer

Crazee Dave is an associate Steward at Raven’s Knoll, focusing on terraforming and monumental tasks.  Crazee Dave discovered Paganism in 2000.  He started in the community with the Wiccan Church of Canada in Durham region, where his friend Dana Rondeau and others grounded Dave in Pagan spirituality and the positive energy of the Pagan community.  He has done volunteering with Pagan chaplaincy in prisons.  His current devotional practise is grounded in doing good deeds for others and forging deep connections with friends and family.  Crazee Dave started volunteering at the Kaleidoscope Gathering in 2008, and since 2010 has been a member of the Dwarf crew maintenance team at the festival.  He has worked throughout his life with heavy machinery, on farms, construction sites or in the bush.  Crazee Dave’s dedication to those he loves is expressed in his actions and the things he builds.  For instance, the Cauldron pond and Drumming Firepit at Raven’s Knoll was terra-formed as an offering to the Pagan community and as a remembrance for his parents, John and Anna-Marie Allin, who have passed into the Summerland.

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