Brendan “the Handy” Roche

Brendan Roche with Duchess

Brendan “the Handy” is a Steward of Raven’s Knoll, living at the property and keeping everything in order and running.  Brendan joined the Pagan community in 1991.  He started with the Wiccan Church of Canada in Ottawa and his later spiritual journey saw him explore Celtic Paganism, Discordianism, Druidry and eclectic Paganism of many strips.  He is currently interested in Heathenry, with its focus on virtuous living, community, and the inclusion of his buddy Loki.  Starting in 1993 Brendan began volunteering at the Kaleidoscope Gathering, where he is currently Head Dwarf overseeing maintenance.  Brendan is passionate about building connections in the Pagan community and loves bodging together solutions and inventions.  He makes sure everyone in the surrounding area is connected to cyberspace as Chief Financial Officer for Bonnechere Community Internet.

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